Real-Life Unmet Needs

Real-Life Unmet Needs

Innovating from the Bedside to the Bench and Back

The TTO of Clalit

The TTO of Clalit

The largest HMO in Israel and 2nd Worldwide

Rich Project Portfolio

Rich Project Portfolio

Over 100 Projects & Spinoff Companies

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Reducing Risk of PVR

A novel therapeutic modality to reduce the risk of Proliferative Retinopathy (PVR) utilizing a new small molecule as TAK1 inhibitor.

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Safe Shower

An ultrasound monitoring system installed in showers for the prevention of suicide in medical settings

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A wearable non-invasive system to measure, monitor and train on the swallowing function using impedance, EMG, vibration and acoustic sensors

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Inventor’s Guide

What Clalit Innovators Should Know

Got a brilliant idea that could solve an unmet patient need but don't know where to begin? It may sound overwhelming, but we can make it happen.

Sharing Your Idea With Mor

Start by contacting us, so we can protect your idea and lead you down the path to future commercialization.

Exploring Its Commercial Potential

We will perform an initial market review to determine the feasibility and viability of your idea.

Writing The Patent

Patenting an idea is an intricate process with multiple technicalities that affect its future value.

Finding Early Funding

We can help you identify sources to finance the early stages of your work through grants and special funds.

Commercializing – Forging Ties With The Industry

We will look for the right partners and/or investors to develop the technology.

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Latest News

Mor Research Applications

Met Mor’s team at HLTH Europe 2024, June 17-20, Amsterdam

Companies and investors interested in meeting please contact:


CAN-FITE submits IND application to FDA

to conduct phase IIb trial of Namodenoson in MASH patients

EyeYon Medical

Early Outcomes of study with synthetic endothelial replacement membrane

The implant improves central corneal transparency and visual acuity in patients with failed EK


Cathworks announces first patient in clinical trial

Evaluates the clinical benefits of FFRangio® System in coronary artery disease (CAD)

Exero Medical

Exero’s Pivotal Clinical Study Approved by WCG

Exero’s multi-center study expected to commence during Q1 2024.


Mediwound announces positive data from clinical study

Phase I/II study evaluated safety and efficacy of MW005 for low-risk Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC).

About Us

Often, healthcare professionals working within the Clalit Health Services’ wide network of hospitals, community clinics, diagnostic facilities or labs have the opportunity to identify critical unmet needs and come up with inventive solutions that can help patients, attending staff, and the system as a whole.

As the end-to-end Technology Transfer Office of Clalit Health Services since 1994, we at Mor Research Applications turn these brilliant ideas into viable solutions in medical devices, pharma, diagnostics, digital healthcare, and biotech, while ensuring their inventors can reap the rewards of their hard work and creativity. 

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EyeYon Medical

Our Success Stories

Ideas Born at Mor Bringing Relief Worldwide

We share some of the many stories we’re proud of having helped bring to fruition - from wild ideas to funded spinoff companies - all possible thanks to the ingenuity of our inventors, coupled with our expert support and guidance.

Our Spinoff Companies

We Transform Brilliant Ideas That Became Successful Businesses

Canfite BioPharma Ltd
EyeYon Medical by dreamed
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