Clalit At A Glance

Clalit At A Glance

4.7 Million Insured Members
The World's 2nd Largest HMO

4.7 Million Insured MembersThe World's 2nd Largest HMO

For over 100 years, Clalit has been at the forefront of medical care and health innovation. As the world’s longest-running HMO, it provides primary, secondary and tertiary care to more than 4.7 million members – representing over 52% of Israel’s inhabitants. 

Since well before the inception of the State of Israel, Clalit has served as the chief guardian of the lives and health of the country’s diverse populations. Today, it continues to lead the nation – and the world – in compassionate, cutting-edge, comprehensive health services. 

Clalit’s wide range of medical services are offered through outpatient clinics throughout the country, which house women’s health, pediatric health, and specialized medical centers. The organization manages 14 major public hospitals, the Clalit Smile network of dental clinics, Clalit Aesthetics, Clalit Complementary Medicine, and ‘Mor’ Medical Institutes and Services.

Clalit works to prevent disease and promote a healthy lifestyle through quality medicine and advanced on-line services to members from anywhere and at any time.


About Clalit Innovation

By integrating over 25 years of medical data and know-how into innovative insights and digital health tools, Clalit Innovation aims to redesign care to provide proactive, predictive, and person-tailored medical care at scale in daily practice. We are able to utilize advanced analytics that drive meaningful insights for better patient care. Our position as a World Health Organization Collaborating Center, and our continuous scientific exchange with policymakers and health executives globally, allow us to disseminate our insights for the benefit of patients worldwide. We relentlessly strive, through our international partnerships, to redefine tomorrow’s healthcare.



of the Israeli Population

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