Success Stories

Success Stories

Ideas Born at Mor BringingRelief Worldwide


DiA is the leading provider of AI-powered ultrasound analysis software that solves the two main challenges ultrasound users are struggling with today: how to capture the right image and how to analyze it correctly.​

DiA’s AI auto solutions use advanced pattern recognition, deep learning and machine learning algorithms to automatically imitate the way the human eye identifies borders and motion.

The solutions are vendor-neutral and run on images from any ultrasound device, including mobile and portable devices, and cross-platform that can be added to any ultrasound device, Healthcare IT system, or work behind the scenes.

LVivo Toolbox™ is available on ultrasound devices and healthcare IT systems, serving thousands of end-users around the world.


Nutritional Growth Solutions (NGS) creates nutritional supplements that are scientifically formulated by paediatric doctors, patented, and clinically proven to support growth development in children.

The patented formula is sold globally under various brands, including a shake formula and nutrition bar through pharmacies and health food stores, distributors as well as online through the Healthy Heights® website, T-Mall Global (China) and Amazon in five countries – China, United States, Italy, Canada, Israel and India through Unilever under license.


EyeYon Medical is a pioneer in ophthalmologic medical devices, focusing on developing cornea-focused sight-saving solutions for more than a decade. The company believes in challenging technology barriers to save the vision of millions of eyes worldwide. EyeYon has two products:

Hyper-CL™ Therapeutic Soft Contact Lens - the market’s first ocular drug depot system in the form of a non-invasive, comfortable, and easy-to-use contact lens.
EndoArt® Artificial Corneal Endothelial Layer - the first synthetic implant to treat corneal edema, saving vision and restoring function by creating a new type of corneal availability.

Lydus Medical

Lydus Medical specializes in the field of Microsurgery developing a novel system for automating the creation of a safe, simple and fast anastomosis.

Lydus has developed Vesseal™ , an automated microvascular suturing device delivering thread only standardized omni-vessel anastomoses, to enable simple, fast, easy, safe and effective procedures.


Mediwound (Nasdaq: MDWD) is the global leader in next-generation enzymatic therapeutics focused on non-surgical tissue repair. The company develops, manufactures and globally commercializes innovative products in the fields of severe burn and chronic wound management.

MediWound’s goal is to provide its innovative burn wound eschar removal agent, NexoBrid™.

NexoBrid™, indicated in Europe for removal of eschar in adults with deep partial- and full-thickness thermal burns, successfully completed clinical development in hospitalized burn wounds and was launched throughout Europe.


Cathworks developed FFRangio for the interventional cardiology market and is focused on improving the utilization of coronary angiography data to ratify measurement-based medicine in the cath lab.

The CathWorks FFRangio® System has received United States 510(k) clearance, Europe CE approval, Israel Amar approval, and Japan PMDA approval.

A privately-held Israeli company established in 2013, CathWorks signed a copromotion agreement with Medtronics in 2022 in a path towards acquisition.

Beyond Air

Steadfast in their commitment to harness the power of nitric oxide, Beyond Air (former AIT) are revolutionizing care to transform patients lives.

The combined product of drug and device is a revolutionary respiratory targeted system designed to safely and effectively deliver NO (Nitric Oxide) to non-intubated patients (home or hospital) in order to treat severe lung infections, including bronchiolitis and cystic fibrosis. The company conducted several Phase 2 trials. Improvement in oxygenation, significant reduction of time to discharge and reduction of bacterial loads were observed.

Zebra Medical

Zebra Medical Vision solutions provide automated analysis of millions of real-time and retrospective imaging studies. This allows early identification of disease, and implementation of decision support tools for population health and risk management.

Zebra's high-performance software has secured multiple regulatory approvals, such as FDA and CE, and is installed in hospitals globally. Zebra was named one of Fast Company's Top-5 AI and Machine Learning companies.
Zebra was acquired by Nanox.