The Inventor's Guide

What Clalit Innovators Should Know

Got a brilliant idea that could solve an unmet patient need but don’t know where to begin? It may sound overwhelming, but we can make it happen.

To ensure the IP rights are properly protected, don’t disclose anything before you talk to Mor Research’s Applications team. Only after filing the patent is it safe to publish your idea.

Sharing Your Idea With Mor

Start by contacting us, so we can protect your idea and lead you down the path to future commercialization.

Exploring Its Commercial Potential

We will perform an initial market review to determine the feasibility and viability of your idea.

Writing The Patent

Patenting an idea is an intricate process with multiple technicalities that affect its future value.

Finding Early Funding

Patenting an idea is an intricate process with multiple technicalities that affect its future value.

Commercializing – Forging Ties With The Industry

We will look for the right partners and/or investors to develop the technology.

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Sharing Your Idea with Mor

Tell us about the need you have identified and the new solution you’d like to develop. If it’s a valid concept, we will conduct an initial review of its patentability. For an invention to become profitable, legal rights to the technology, procedure or product must be secured before any information, such as abstracts and clinical trials, is disclosed to other parties.

Contact or send form to Allen Richter at:

Read the Invention Disclosure Clalit Guidelines here:

Download the invention disclosure form here:


Exploring Your Idea's Commercial Potential

While our patent attorney examines patentability, our team evaluates the commercial viability of your discovery. We at Mor Research Applications analyze the industry, market needs, alternative solutions and regulations. Our aim is to determine feasibility, time-lines, and possible competition through our network of industry experts.


Writing the Patent

Our patent attorneys, the best in their field, will draft the patent. Once the internal patent committee reviews and approves it, the process of writing the patent begins with an unpublished provisional patent for one year. This allows you to publish results while protecting IP rights worldwide.


Finding Early Funding

Through our wide network we can identify potential early funding opportunities such as IIA grants to advance your research, which will increase the chances of more successful partnering, development and impactful commercialization.

Learn about available IIA grants:


Commercializing – Forging Ties with the Industry

Mor Research Applications creates connections between potential entrepreneurs, investors and companies. We manage the entire technology transfer and licensing process including drawing up agreements with companies as well as R&D agreements with investors to sponsor further research that could lead to commercial use.