Algorithmic Screening for Liver Cirrhosis

An algorithm that helps predict the risk of developing liver cirrhosis through a blood test.


The non-invasive tests available today suffer from low accuracy making them suboptimal for screening the general population. A more accurate screening methodology is needed to direct high-risk individuals to clinical follow-ups. Nationwide EHR presents an opportunity to identify such patients and pave the way to earlier cirrhosis diagnosis.


Prof. Ziv Neeman, HaEmek Medicl Center
Dr. Rawi Hazzan, HaEmek Medicl Center

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Avital Pritz, Director of Medical Devices and Digital Health

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To develop a screening software based on blood tests for early prediction of high-risk individuals susceptible to developing NASH/NAFLD

One of the obstacles in drug development for NASH/NAFLD is late diagnosis. This technology/method would help identify the relevant sub-population that could most benefit from it.

POC was completed with 80% prediction rate, article being published

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