Prevent Future Allergies from Infancy

Preventing common future food allergies from day zero with a special formulation for infants


IgE mediated food allergy is a worldwide growing health problem. The most common allergens are cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, almonds, soy, and sesame. It is well established that early introduction to peanuts and eggs since 4 months of age has a preventive effect on high-risk infants, but there are infants that are already sensitized at this age.


Dr. Idit Lachover, Meir Medical Center
Prof. Raanan Shamir, Shneider Children's Medical Center

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Sari Prutchi Sagiv PhD Director of Pharma and Diagnostics

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Our recent study demonstrated that early continuous exposure, since birth, to cow’s milk formula (CMF) has a preventive effect on the development of cow’s milk allergy (CMA) regardless of high or low risk for developing atopic diseases. In our recent study, from 1,992 infants older than 12 months of age, 17 infants developed IgE mediated CMA (0.85%) and all of them were on exclusive breastfeeding during the first two months of life (1.58%), the results are statistically significant.
Our hypothesis is that this may be the explanation for the protection that CMF gives to infants who were exposed routinely to CMF, even in small amounts, since birth. On this basis, we assume that early and continuous exposure to other allergenic proteins since the first days of life can protect against the development of other food allergies

Preventing allergies in children holds significant market potential due to the increasing prevalence of allergic conditions. IgE mediated food allergy is a worldwide growing health problem affecting 5 -10% of young children.

We have completed an observational study in 1,900 children and working on a specific formulation of allergens.

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